Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September back-to-blog special

Well, once again I've been sidetracked from posting here, but I haven't quit knitting altogether. Herewith, a pic-heavy summary of what I've been up to.

This is an old Interweave Knits pattern (Fall 1997) by Dale of Norway for a children's pullover. It's very 80s/90s boxy, but I wanted to try some Nordic-style colourwork for my daughter.


More kiddie goodness:

What will become a pair of felted Ugg-style slippers. Pre-felting, of course. The pattern is the Alpine Boots from Fiber Trends (scroll down to CH-47). There was a completed pair of adult slippers on hand at Wool Trends in St. John's (great store), and my daughter insisted on having some. So here I am knitting double stranded with Funky Fur (sniff!) on 10mm circulars.

Pomatomus socks, designed by the brilliant Cookie A. These were in Socks that Rock Lightweight in the Highway 30 colourway, which seems to be no longer available. I ran out of yarn, but fortunately Lettuce Knit had a skein left.

And my little surprise:

Why yes, it is a Cascade Little Si spindle, part of a beginners' kit from Spunky Eclectic. (The fibre is from the Fleece Artist and is really meant for thrummed mittens, but I had to try the delicious handpainted colourway.) I have been fatally bitten by the spinning bug, no thanks to Ravelry where a real spinning epidemic is raging. Like I have the spare time to take up another craft, really. What about my sewing? What indeed; the spinning bug has no mercy and I must spin more and more! It is some kind of evil magic spell, no doubt about it. Muahahahaha!