Thursday, November 27, 2008

A new spin on my 40th

Today definitely marks a new phase in my crafting history. My 40th birthday passed a couple of weeks ago, and to mark the occasion I ordered myself a new Ashford Kiwi wheel from Spun Fibre Arts in Burlington. Well, it arrived today! After picking it up (and acquiring a couple of skeins of Noro Silk Garden and Diamond Irish Worsted for some hats) I headed to Lee Valley Tools for some clear Danish oil finish.

I've given all the parts one coat of oil finish - I think that's all they will need. Now I need to let them stand until tomorrow, when I'll buff them and start attempting to put the thing together.

The drive wheel:


Treadles and flyer:

Footman, parts of the base:

I have been spinning intermittently on a drop spindle since the summer, and it is great fun. This past week I finished my first handspun, from a merino sliver hand-dyed by the Fleece Artist. I do believe I'm hooked:

I'm sure all you spinners out there will agree with me: Life definitely does begin at 40!