Saturday, March 31, 2007


Ah, the joys of payday.

I finally managed to acquire the sew-in snaps for ChildHood (at the incredible cost of CDN$0.75) and had the additional pleasure of a solid half-hour of browsing at our superlative LYS, The Needle Emporium. Pictured above: my very first skein of Fleece Artist Nova Socks, and a couple of skeins of Regia Bamboo Color ... also a first. I also bought the two most recent issues of Interweave Knits ... just yummy. I am thinking ahead to some potential future projects:

The Bonsai Tunic and Merrymaiden Dress (for Claire) from the Spring issue, and Nantucket and Venezia from the Winter issue. That's just for starters! Any opinions on what I should do first? After St Brigid, of course (and I also have a 70% complete Rogue waiting around).

By the way, I am thrilled that I've had even a few lovely comments so far! Thank you! I love the sense of community out here in blogland.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Piano - animated video

Me thinks I doth post too much. But this was lovely. Thanks to Karen from the piano-teachers yahoo group for sharing.


I don't think I realized until after I created this blog that just as I was considering it, a massive blogversation was going on about just why we all blog. See the excellent posts by Steph and Emilee, along with tons of comments, for more discussion.

Steph's blog And She Knits Too has inspired me for a long time, partly because I have a PhD from the same school as she does and so much of what she writes just strikes a chord with me (ha ha ha, no pianoknits pun intended). I think there are as many reasons to write as there are reasons to read, and perhaps some of them will not even arise until after we begin. "How can I know what I think, until I see what I say?"

Musicians as entrepreneurs

All freelance musicians, please read this article immediately.

I really wish they'd had courses like this when I was in school. The more I hear about classical musicians as entrepreneurs, the more I think that it's really the future of our art.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Status quo

I have a near-FO - ChildHood from Knitty Summer 03 for my nearly 4-year-old daughter. I just need to get some sew-in snaps. (Can you believe that one of the local Fabricland stores didn't have them?!) This is done in Mission Falls 1824 Wool.

My current WIP is this sock in Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy. I am using the free jacquard stripe sock pattern I got from the Patons web site (though I can't find it there anymore). It's a very simple top-down pattern with a slip-stitch heel. I plan on expanding my sock construction horizons sometime soon, but this pattern is so perfect for the self-striping yarns.

Next project: an oldie that's new again -- St. Brigid from A. *tarmore's Aran Knitting (see this recounting by The Girl from Auntie for info on why I'm not using her full name). I ordered the yarn from Virtual Yarns when Claire was a baby, and the designer's daughter recommended the colour Red Deer for me on the basis of a photo of us. But for some reason (the craziness of new motherhood, most likely) I never completed it, and the pieces I did complete got eaten by moths!! So I am ripping out and starting fresh. Here is the mess as it stands today:


Hello, world

Greetings earthlings! This is eusebius, pianist, teacher, mom, knitter, and sporadic spiritual seeker. Not necessarily in that order!!

I've blogged before, but reading some of the great blogs out there right now has inspired me to re-join the fray. Some of the ones that are motivating me the most include:

* The Concert - a singer posting about the evolution of her budding career (and herself)
* Stranded on Fair Isle - amazingly prolific and skilled knitter in Ohio
* The Rest is Noise - a deservedly famous blog by one of the best American writers on music
* The Collaborative Piano Blog - keeping us all in the loop about accompanying, coaching, and Bathroom Divas

No plans to try to "keep up" with these esteemed predecessors ... I've done too much of that in my life already. But I will step forward ...