Saturday, March 31, 2007


Ah, the joys of payday.

I finally managed to acquire the sew-in snaps for ChildHood (at the incredible cost of CDN$0.75) and had the additional pleasure of a solid half-hour of browsing at our superlative LYS, The Needle Emporium. Pictured above: my very first skein of Fleece Artist Nova Socks, and a couple of skeins of Regia Bamboo Color ... also a first. I also bought the two most recent issues of Interweave Knits ... just yummy. I am thinking ahead to some potential future projects:

The Bonsai Tunic and Merrymaiden Dress (for Claire) from the Spring issue, and Nantucket and Venezia from the Winter issue. That's just for starters! Any opinions on what I should do first? After St Brigid, of course (and I also have a 70% complete Rogue waiting around).

By the way, I am thrilled that I've had even a few lovely comments so far! Thank you! I love the sense of community out here in blogland.

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