Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter! St Brigid is finished!!

I can hardly believe it, but it's finally done. Forthwith, the photolog:

Pieces being blocked in front of the fireplace:




My row gauge, as usual, was off, but I was planning for this in a way, and so my St B has a somewhat closer-fitting, less boxy shape than the original design. I'm happy!

The finished product:


On me (note ever-present cat at lower right):

I left off the turtleneck ribbing ... just as well, as even after ordering 8 more skeins of Hebridean 3-Ply from Virtual Yarns, I was still running a bit short. I think the wider neckline is more flattering on me anyway.

I find a certain wonderful symmetry in the fact that on the day I finally reached this goal, another person I admire reached a long-awaited goal as well. Kudos and congratulations to our finest figure-skating artist, Jeff Buttle, on winning his first world championship!

Another goal I reached this month: I premiered a piano concerto. I'm not sure why I haven't been writing about it here, but I guess I've just been spending all my time practising it. I'm wondering if I should start a separate blog for music stuff ... any thoughts?

Anyway, next on the agenda: a Nordic sweater for the lovely young lady in the top picture, from the spring 1997 issue of Interweave Knits. Here's hoping it doesn't take me 3 years to finish this time!!