Thursday, November 1, 2007

My little pumpkin

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Sorry I haven't been around - the start of term completely engulfed me. Anyway, to get things rolling again, here is Claire in her pumpkin costume yesterday (Simplicity 3593). More pics are over at Flickr. Here she is getting ready to go off to school (She wore the thing all day!!)

It took about a week to make the pumpkin, which has a broadcloth outer layer and a fleece lining. The stem is stuffed with fiberfill. Claire noticed that the girls on the pattern envelope all had black shirts, pants, and gloves, so of course she had to have them too!! To fluff her up, I used bath towels, which got a bit bottom-heavy... next time I think I'll buy some tissue paper.

Oh, and there I am in the background with my new haircut. Yay for bobs!


sgeddes said...

Very cute! Bothe the pumpkim and the bob!

Tigerduck said...

Absolutely - yey for bobs! I just went short as well. Forget the classical-musician-must-have half-up-half-down-look-for-glamerous-evening-outfit! Bobs are more fun!!!!! Lovely costume as well :-)