Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas - Rugby is done!

I was very happy with the size and fit of the finished sweater. I was a bit short of yarn so the collar is not as long as the pattern directed, but I think it looks OK. Buttons are still needed but I'll let DH pick them out. He seems happy with it and has been wearing it around the house. Yay ... 6 months of brown stockinette was worth it!!

Now back to the Monkey socks:

Also I'm quite looking forward to using my Chapters and Amazon gift cards! Claire is the proud owner of a Leapster L-Max, an art set, some puzzles, and lots of other goodies. I hope Christmas was good to all of you who celebrate.

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sgeddes said...

Rugby looks great!

Good luck on the Monkey socks; I'm sure they will turn out great.