Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy new year. Oh wait ...

Good grief, is this my first post of 2008? Gah. I really need to get better about this.

In any event, the Monkey socks are done!! They feel great on the feet too.


Next sock priority: to darn the Eleanor socks, which already have a hole in them (Darn!)

Also I am 3/4 (at least) of the way to completing the back of St Brigid. It's getting kind of routine now but the yarn and cables are so lovely that it's still a pleasure to knit.

And, in sewing news, I completed a Dora-themed nightgown for Claire (Kwik Sew 3105). My gathering and ruffling skills are improving a bit. It's still not perfect, but I'm OK with it. She's been wearing it to bed, so at least the major goal is accomplished.


Next sewing project: a T-shirt from Wazoodle's Grab Bag for girls, using the ever popular Jalie 2005 t-shirt pattern.

In other news, I am fiercely attempting to memorize the concerto I'm premiering next month. Fun times.

All right, here's hoping I don't skip another month!!

Random photo goodness #1: A platypus on my cat (sorry,


Random photo goodness #2: Matching father-daughter chinrests:



mamaloo said...

I'm impressed with your sewing skills! Maybe we could barter skills some time: I'm a terrible sewer but I have all this fabric wasting away I wonder if any of it would be more useful at your home. I want to make a pouch sling, but I'm such a bad sewer and I get so frustrated...

And I love the platypus!

AAAAANNNNND, I LOVE the monkeys! Good job!

Tigerduck said...

Great monkeys :-) There is a health warning attached, though - once you start, you might find yourself knitting quite a lot of these (I have finished 4 pairs so far.... and there is still sock yarn in my stash). Any suggestions for a novice sewer? I was given a new sewing machine for Christmas and have so many ideas, no material, and not really a plan where to start...