Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Craziness abates

Sigh ... only to pick up again this weekend as DH heads out of town for a conference. Well, it will be nice to spend some girl time with DD, and I did get some lovely things in the mail this week to amuse me:

A copy of A. *more's Tudor Roses from a lovely British eBay seller. Ah, I love this book already. I see myself making most of the things in here, but first off would be Henry VII for DH and Catherine Parr for me.


Some really lovely stitch markers from Purl Blossom's Etsy store. Now I finally think I have enough to dispense with the old plastic ring markers altogether! What a nice reward for finishing a section ... to be able to slip one of these to the right needle. Little things excite me, I guess! Anyway, I highly recommend Purl Blossom's store for beautiful stitch markers, promptly shipped, and she plans to add other items soon.

Not much knitting progress to report. This week was nuts. I worked pretty much every day, including Sunday, and DD was sent home from daycare with pinkeye on Thursday so no knitting time on Friday.

Nonetheless, Sleeve #2 of St Brigid is coming along but since you've already seen sleeve #1 I didn't think another pic was necessary. I also managed to turn the heel and make the gusset on Eleanor Sock #1. It was cool doing this on two circs for the first time:

As I've reported on runagogo, I'm getting to the end of Week 5 of C25K. W5D3 is the fearsome day where you finally run 2 miles non-stop. Going from 3 to 8 consecutive track laps seems like a lot ... but I guess I just have to think about the half marathon and how this is less than one-sixth of it. Doesn't feel like it, I'll tell you!! The good news will be that everything after that feels easier.

I also finished reading Ratking, which I enjoyed very much, and I'll be looking forward to further installments in the Zen series. How sad that Michael Dibdin is no longer with us.

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sgeddes said...

Looks like things are coming along!
I think those sweaters from your new book will be lovely!