Monday, June 11, 2007

Meme time!

Thanks to Chelsey for the tag:

4 jobs I have had in my life:

1. Shelving books at the library in high school ... and getting caught reading the books.

2. Teaching German lab in university ... and totally forgetting about my first day at work.

3. Typing car serial numbers onto carbon duplicate forms.

4. Sam the Record Man! Best ... discount ... ever.

4 films I can watch again and again:
1. The Big Lebowski As a friend of mine says: "Pee-your-pants funny."
2. Hannah and Her Sisters
3. The Lord of the Rings (all 3 movies)
4. The Remains of the Day

4 places I have lived:

1. Toronto
2. Saint John, NB
3. Montreal
4. Hamilton

4 TV series I watch:

1. Hi-5
2. Dora the Explorer
3. Go Diego Go
4. Zobomafoo
Do we sense a pattern here?

4 places I have been on holiday:

1. New England
2. Dominican Republic
3. Newfoundland
4. Banff, AB

4 things I do every time I am on the Net:

1. Check email
2. Read bloglines and news feeds
3. Check Figure Skating Universe
4. Check Google Calendar

4 things I would NOT eat for anything in the world:

1. Cilantro. UGH
2. Anything with visible eyeballs
3. Anything with tentacles
4. Hardboiled eggs. Gag!

4 places I would love to be right now:

1. Tuscany
2. Japan
3. On the beach in PEI (Prince Edward Island for you non-Canadians)
4. At Deborah Voigt's recital in Toronto this evening!

4 people I tag, if they have not been tagged already:



Chelsey said...

Not sure I should be telling the blogosphere this; but, once at Busch Gardens I saw Hi-5 in concert. To defend myself, my friend Jenn's little brother loves them, and she and I were walking around not riding roller coasters as our classmates were so.... we saw a hi-5 concert....

Johanne said...

St B is looking good. any comments or observations that will help me when I tackle the back. must finish the second sleeve this weekend.

sillyewe said...

Awww, thanks for stopping by! It is so disturbing, isn't it? I feel like I may try to do more to help, but need to figure out a way. So many people were affected last night. Geeez!

Great knitting! I always enjoy your blog. Need to add you to my list!!! :0)

Theresa said...

Thanks for stopping by. Give your meezer a head scratch and a tummy rub from me.