Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No. 3!?

I see that Chris at the Collaborative Piano Blog has put together a ranking of Canadian classical music blogs (using Technorati ratings).

Amazingly, PianoKnits comes in at no. 3.

This inevitably brings to mind the eternal adage: "If you're number 3, you don't try at all!"

Also, Chelsey (bless her heart) has gotten on my case about not posting enough ... in the nicest possible way, of course! So, I think I'd better start stepping up to the plate a bit more.

Soon to follow, then, a knitting roundup, and possibly some reflections on the season (Royal Conservatory exam season, that is!!)


Chelsey said...

Haha, i try :D

Chris Foley said...

Congratulations! It took a while to find all the blogs and figure out the rankings, but it was fun to do such nit-picky work. Or shall I say knit-picky...