Friday, April 27, 2007

The calm after the storm

This past week has been insane. Hence, the lack of posts. But I have made some progress:

On the left, a nearly-completed Sleeve #1 of St Brigid which will have a full extra pattern repeat in it. On the right, the Eleanor sock in Fleece Artist.

Also some stash enhancement:

From left to right: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Fairgrounds; Naturally Tussock DK, for a polo-neck pullover for DH; various colourways of Meilenweit Meeting, from the lovely Robyn of Red Bird Knits.

In other news ... planning for DD's birthday proceeds apace. I've stencilled a treasure box for her party ... costumes and the like will fill it ... but I don't want to post a pic yet for fear she'll spot it. So that will have to wait until after the party next weekend. I have a choir gig on Sunday and possibly some more accompanying work in May, but otherwise things are calming down. I've completed Week 3 of C25K as of today, w00t! I hope to be back to half-marathon form by the fall.


Heather said...

The sweater looks great! I'm scared to deal with that many cables. But, I love cabled sweaters, so I will have to bite the bullet at some point.

Johanne said...

St. Brigid is looking good. I'm still on sleeve number 2 - promised my mum I'd knit a cardigan for her friend and need to finish it in 2 weeks so it is taking priority at the moment.

Jessica said...

St. Brigid is GORGEOUS! I love all of the cables! I wish I had the patience to work on something that intricate. I can't wait to see what the sweater is like when it's done.