Friday, April 20, 2007

Playing by heart

Is it always better for pianists to perform from memory? British pianist Susan Tomes provides an anti-memory perspective. She's not the first to make this argument; Gilbert Kalish leaps to the mind. But she makes it eloquently and reasons well.

Personally, I like playing from memory; it gives me confidence and freedom. But I can certainly appreciate Tomes's POV, and I'm definitely too lazy to memorize chamber music.


Johanne said...

I've slowed down on St. Brigid since my ripping out session. My yarn is a reddy wine (called special wine, ironic for one wh does not drink!!) colour, so you are probably right.

Natalie said...

Although I am not a pianist, I think life can make a case for playing both ways - sometimes you should follow your heart, others, you should follow the rules and lead with your head.