Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday miscellany

Knitting report:

St Brigid progress continues. 2 1/2 pattern repeats done on the sleeve. I hope I am doing the increases right. As I fold the sleeve around my arm I wonder if it will be too tight, but I'll keep going for a while.

Meilenweit Sock #2: I've finished the gusset decreases and I'm knitting on the foot now.

Health report:
I'm on a bit of a kick. I am on Wave 1, Day 2 of the Sonoma Diet which I've been on and off for about 4 months now. I love the Mediterranean food and don't feel deprived at all. Also, I signed up at Runagogo and restarted the Couch to 5K running programme. I feel great already!! I hope I can keep this up.

Piano report:
Ugh. Trying to get inspired to practice. I guess it's been a heavy semester and right at the moment I'd rather be knitting, running, and playing on the computer. Nonetheless, I have a concert with a local chamber choir on the weekend and a bunch of performance juries coming up, so I need to get busy.

Blog report:
Jeremy Denk made me laugh out loud yesterday.

Fridge report:
Wendy challenged us to reveal the innards of our refrigerators! OK, I'll take you up on that:

I remember when my fridge was nearly bare (grad school) but now that I'm eating veggies and have a daughter, things are a bit different ... At least there aren't as many science experiments in there as there once were!


Dame Wendy said...

Cool! I'm so happy some one posted pics of their fridge. :)

Heather said...

Congrats to you on working on getting healthy!

I'm running a 5K on the 21st and a 12K on May 6th. It's something that I never thought I'd do. I wish I could be good about my eating habits at the same time that I was good about my exercising habits, but I either do one or the other.