Monday, April 16, 2007

Go go gadget girl

Lookie here:

That's a Palm Treo 700p. Sweeeet! It replaces my ancient cellphone as well as a Palm that died recently; the camera and wireless modem capabilities are nice bonuses. I may try moblogging soon ...

Meanwhile, the Meilenweit socks are done.

Why do the toes look different? It's a long story, but I rather like the funky look.

Now I want to get started on my Fleece Artist merino, but somehow I managed to tangle the skein:

So if anyone has suggestions on (a) how to untangle this efficiently or (b) what would be a rocking sock pattern for this yarn, I'm all ears!


Heather said...

I feel your pain with the tangled skein. The only suggestion I have is to get a swift. :) Seriously, do a little at a time to untangle it and be patient. Cutting is okay, if you have to.

Chelsey said...

Gah. Tangles. They mock me. Because, you think you've fixed it all and then there's yet another knot that four minutes ago was just a twist. Cute socks!!!

Natalie said...

Great socks!

Oh the tangles - the best thing is patience (and a good movie?) I'm afraid.

Johanne said...

Totally agree with the movie part for untangling. On a st. Brigid note, we seem to have incredibly similar colours don't you think??

Kathleen said...

That new Fleece Artist sock yarn is goregous. Patience is the only thing I can suggest for unsnagging it. Love your new socks. No one really sees the toes anyway...that's why I never get hung up on running out.