Monday, April 2, 2007

ChildHood complete

Pattern: ChildHood by Natalie Wilson from Knitty Fall 2003
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 100% Superwash Merino in Crocus (535) and Mallow (025)
Started: February 2007
Finished: April 2, 2007

Claire was pretty happy with it! Thanks to Natalie Wilson's ingenious button/snap design, she can snap and unsnap it all by herself (though I fear she'll rip the wool) and she's a big fan of big hoods for her head. The crocheted koala bear puppet was an FO for Grandma today! What do you suppose Claire's favourite colour is?

I finished the ribbing on Meilenweit Sock #2 and did an inch or so on the leg.

Today was my lucky day ... I was summoned for jury selection. I waited around at the courthouse for a couple of hours (no knitting needles allowed, but I did get to read a few chapters of The Art of Practicing -- see sidebar). Then we were all called into the courtroom and told that our services were not required, as the trial had been adjourned. Woo hoo! An unexpected afternoon off ... hence the FO.


Michelle said...

That is super cute. Purple happens to be my favorite color as well. The girl has good taste!

Chelsey said...

Sooo precious!!!!!!!!!!!

sgeddes said...

Claire and her sweater are so sweet. I love the colors. Those were my favorite colors then too. I wonder why so many little ones like purple so much.

The book sounds interesting. I wish there were more inspirationl things that I was aware of when I played instruments - maybe I'de still be playing.

eusebius said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!! I'm not sure what it is about purple, but I wonder if it's because the warmth of red and the coolness of blue mix so perfectly. The balance is so attractive.

sgeddes, you are so right ... I want to be that kind of teacher myself, providing inspiration to my students so that they find internal motivation for their practice. (I could use some of that right now actually ... [grin])

Zarzuela said...

Very cute! She looks very happy and the colors are perfect for her. :)

And Welcome to the Musicians Who Knit and Crochet webring!